Optimistic Lighting Industry Outlook, Lamps Network Trends
Optimistic Lighting Industry Outlook, Lamps Network Trends

The 19th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the 2nd Hong Kong International Outdoor Lighting Fair and the 12th International Environmental Protection Expo have come to a successful conclusion. The organizing committee commissioned an independent investigation agency to investigate. Home lighting, LED landscape lighting products as well as commercial lighting have the greatest growth potential.

Optimistic future lighting industry outlook for the coming year

The three exhibitions attracted nearly 69,000 buyers from 151 countries and regions to visit and purchase, an increase of 7% over the previous year. Buyers in India, Iran, Brazil, UAE, China, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, Italy and France all recorded double-digit growth.

According to Zhou Qiliang, deputy chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the outlook for the lighting industry is optimistic from the perspective of buyers’ entry and business matching figures, on-site survey results and Hong Kong’s recent export performance. He said: “According to the on-site survey, 93% of respondents believe that smart cities and smart homes will promote the development of the lighting industry in the next two years. Home lighting systems can communicate with computers through smart phones or remote control or tablet computers. In energy-saving energy-saving homes, industrial and commercial intelligent lighting systems will become very popular.”

It is expected that sales in 2018 will increase by 16%

The TDC commissioned an independent investigation agency to visit 636 exhibitors and buyers during the Autumn Lighting Fair and Outdoor Lighting Fair. About 95% of respondents are optimistic about the market performance in the next year, or think this year is similar to this year, and it is expected that the average growth rate of sales of lighting products will reach 16% next year.

The most optimistic markets are China, Japan and ASEAN. In emerging markets, the industries most interested in this sector are China (24%), ASEAN (17%) and the Middle East (7%). In terms of products, the surveyed industry believes that home lighting (29%) has the greatest development potential, and LED and environmental lighting products (24%) and commercial lighting (16%) are also considered high-end products.

“Lighting Network” Becomes Trend

During the exhibition, the organizers invited industry leaders to communicate about market trends and product trends. Combining with the opinions of various experts, the function of lighting has changed from lighting to “optical network” combined with the Internet of Things, and it has become an integral part of smart home. David Barnby, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Tridonic Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd., said: “Light sources are everywhere and are the best carrier for transmitting and collecting data. The combination of lighting products and the Internet of Things will become a trend. The industry needs to accelerate. Cooperation with different industries to gain new business opportunities.” The Pudong Intelligent Lighting Alliance representative team pointed out that the future of lighting products must be networked, he said: “The industry must use cross-platform technology for intelligent lighting applications, including cloud platform, artificial Intelligent, sensor, intelligent modules, speech recognition, software applications, etc. to achieve interoperability. “

Li Kui, general manager of Taiwan Jingling Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company received orders on the first day in Canada, India and Thailand, and ordered street lamps and high bay light about 660,000 yuan at outdoor and technical lighting exhibitions. “The Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s exchange cocktail party and business matching meeting helped the company expand its network of contacts,” said Chen Xiaoyan, deputy marketing director of Lidason Lighting Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore. The number of buyers at the Autumn Lighting Show surged and the company met with Western Europeans. Buyers from the United States, Eastern Europe and South America even received on-site orders.


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